Monday, January 13, 2014

Marketing Ideas

Making my first tutorial about customizing products at the Zazzle Store, it demonstrates the product while marketing the product. I will make another video that demonstrates adding messages to cards. Shipping seems expensive, yet the convenience is worthwhile. I have selected a card from another artist and can send it directly to the recipient when ready to pay for it.

This video demonstrates changing existing text. It is also possible to add text. Go to the view where the message will be written and Add Text. Move the text around and change the font setting. It looks really attractive. It does not have to be sent to me to send it to them.

Convenience is wonderful. I have always envisioned it as a wholesale or bulk sales warehousing site. A company wanting to buy items saves money when buying in bulk. An overseas company can buy in bulk and shipping costs will not seem as high. They would need to buy a lot; ergo, they have a lot of customers.

It is possible to buy one item or several items. The cost of printing is reasonable. It is not an internet item that you download to a desktop. It is a physical item people have to make. Every step of the process costs money.

My time is valuable. It takes time, education and expertise to design images. I plan on having all my drawings on my Google + Profile and on a page linked to this site. Anyone can right-click and add it to their desktop.

It is a risky marketing maneuver. Anyone is able to place it on the desktop of a computer screen and look at it everyday. Maybe, they think it is great. Maybe, they think they want to try another design. Maybe, they decide it is growing stale and are no longer enthusiastic.

The Zazzle Store is more like a gift shop. Products are also available in bulk. You can go to whatever is more interesting. If you like shopping, reading, gaming or general chat about life, updates will be shown for that category. A person does not have to put up with several games shares to read about upcoming designs. I feel good about the future of selling stuff.

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