Friday, January 10, 2014

Shirts and Stuff

There is an excitement about making shirts and stuff to sell on the internet. I found a great printer with diversity, Zazzle. While able to make one outfit several years ago, I would rather make curtains or cozies to decorate the house.

Zazzle is able to mass manufacture bulk and wholesales items. It is also possible to buy one. They offer everything, including: flasks and apparel. It is all attractive and fun. It took awhile to develop the website into a good working order that really makes sense. It is ready. People could and can purchase products.

Zazzle is for individual products with personalization. I am not offering as many products through the site. After looking as sizes, colors and styles, there are more than enough options.

Beyond working on shirts and stuff, I am hoping to connect everything together so it is easier to find. Considering it could take awhile, I will wait until later to blog about what, how or if that will happen.

Right now, the store is almost ready. I wrote descriptions for the stores. There are a few more descriptions to write. It is looking good.

I am trying to limit all of my sites into categories. The Channel I started first is for music, film and acting. It also has my personal journal. This Channel is for selling products with my designs on them. The next Channel is for blogs.

I started blogging first; however, it is the last to get a space solely for writing. I am thinking about re-shooting several videos related to the blog. It will have its own YouTube Channel.

It might seem as though I am not doing much lately. Everything is happening in the back office. A hectic week, I cannot wait to get everything ready. It will take a couple weeks to finish integrating all the Shirt and Stuff Products. That is a working title

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