Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Designs

Easter is here again. Thinking about ideas for shirts and home decor, I have always had an interest in home decor. At an early age, I knitted wash clothes and made cozies for various items found in my room. I also hem curtain, adjust existing furniture and make coasters. This Easter I made a color palette for various things around the house.

It should work well. Sometimes a room or kitchen need a burst of color. For the most part it is better to keep larger items, walls and floors, in consistent colors; otherwise, it is maddening. There is no focal point. Color variation on mugs, platters and other decorations makes a focal point for activities. It makes it feel like an event.

It took awhile to brainstorm ideas for Easter. This years is has a dedication to the big holidays. I will be able to pick various days, such as, Earth Day or Veteran's Day in the future. I know Veteran's Day is a big holiday, yet there are holidays for every day of the year. It would be time consuming. I might be able to make a couple designs ready for Cinco De Mayo and Memorial Day.

Taking time to think of ideas, my designs are digital. Sometimes, I sketch a complex layout before entering the information into the computer. Many times, it is possible to know the placement of shapes before starting. It is easier to draw it directly to computer. Art Deco is a type of digital art.

I feel good about this year or next years Spring layout. It is possible to remove or rephrase any holiday references. Though focusing on d├ęcor; as my new "thing," there is time to make an accessory. Some holidays are bigger on shirts. It is looking good. Now, I need to focus on advertising.

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