Sunday, May 28, 2017

Goth Wisdom

Beginning a new series on Funny Goth, the new series is entitled Goth Wisdom. Goth Wisdom features general ideals in the goth scene.

Four designs are available in three categories; playing with knives, playing with fire and social graces. I will be adding new categories by the end of the year.

An inspirational topic growing up in a goth, emo, punk or scene clique. It is amusing yet a truism. Regardless of what society dictates, there are various skills to play with to learn life and how to deal with life.

Options to change the type of shirt and color are provided through the website. You can add your name. Deciding to make more finished designs, there is less room to move objects to create an ideal flow and feeling. The layout provides an optimal format to be eye catching.

Most of the available colors, for shirts, look great. Each shirt style has various colors that may cause an allusion of fading.

Testing out the color combinations, shirts look good with slight fading or blending around the hearts and clovers. I enjoyed mooted as much as high contrast designs. Fashion is a feeling. I enjoy having options to express feelings.

With entertaining statements like, "fire is our friend," hearts and four leaf clovers appear on all the designs. Most of the wisdom revolves around having heart and a lot of luck.

Edging out a creative look, the series looking good. Each design is similar, yet features a drawings to make it unique.

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